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Brady and Marisa is the character pairing of Brady and Marisa Miller.


Unknown to Marisa, Brady was actually an enemy spy for The Alternate using Marisa to gain classified information from The Organization from K.C. so that The Alternate can carry out its plans.

Marisa eventually found out about The Alternate in Unmasking the Enemy. She discovered that Brady is evil and works for The Alternate in The Truth Will Set You Free. K.C. figured out that Brady was evil in Keep on Truckin' when she scratched him on the face during a mission.

The Coopers informed The Organization about the renegade faction calling itself The Alternate in The Truth Will Set You Free.

In Domino 3: Buggin' Out, Brady and Marisa became friends again and Brady apologized for being so mean to her in the past. Marisa needed his help to come up with ideas so she could pass English and graduate.

Marisa was the only one who believed that Brady wasn't The Mask, and she ended up being right as The Mask turned out to be Agent Johnson. Brady quit being a spy so that he and Marisa could be together.


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