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The Coopers w/ Marisa Miller

The name "Cooper" could refer to any member of the Cooper Family, including:

  • Grandma Gayle, K.C. & Ernie's grandmother, Kira's mother.
  • Pops, K.C. & Ernie's grandfather, Kira's father.
  • Poppa Earl, K.C. & Ernie's other grandfather, Craig's father.                                           


  • They are a family of spies, excluding Earl Cooper.
  • They live in the Cooper house. But Grandma Gayle, Pops and Earl possibly don't really live there, they probably live somewhere else. Earl says that he owns two houses and maybe he lives in either one of them.
  • Marisa Miller, K.C.'s best friend, knows their secret.
  • Their extended family, the Martins, are probably their most dangerous enemies.
  • Kira’s older sister Erica married the Head of the Other Side and had a daughter, who is the first cousin of K.C. and Ernie.


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