You don't know the lyrics, you don't sing along.
K.C. to Marisa

Domino 4: The Mask is the twenty-third episode in Season 3 of K.C. Undercover and the seventy-fourth overall. It first aired on February 1, 2018 to 1.01 million viewers.[1]


K.C. and Marisa take Amy on a trip to New York so she won't be at home to witness her "parents" being arrested by The Organization.[2]

Full Plot

K.C. and Marisa are driving in a car heading to New York, along with Amy. K.C. and Marisa are talking about Marisa's outfit. Amy briefly joined the conversation before it ended.

K.C.'s phone rang and she picked it up. It was Kira, asking where she was. Kira told her that they didn't know where Amy was. K.C. pretends she asked her another question and answers it. Kira quickly knew she wasn't telling the truth, and figured it out that Amy must be with her. Craig takes the phone from Kira, and try to make K.C. come home, but she didn't give in.

Back at the Bishops' house, Kira and Craig are talking to them, trying to make them buy one their accounting products. Then someone knocked on their door. Mitch walked over to get the door and it appeared to be Ernie. He told Mitch his phone was busted. Right after, Kira and Craig were pointing a gun at both of the Bishops.

Back in the car, Amy is sleeping while K.C. is listening to Marisa singing the K.C. Undercover theme song which was on the Radio. K.C. turned the Radio off, since Marisa didn't fully know the lyrics. Marisa noticed a sign saying that there would be a Penguin Burger at the next exit. Marisa was excited and wanted to drive over there. Both K.C. and Amy turned her down.

While still in the car, K.C. received a text from Ernie saying the Bishops were in custody. She put her phone on the Center Console in the car. She then decided that Penguin Burger would be a good palace for her to tell Amy the truth. Marisa was happy when she heard that K.C. changed her mind. She then almost missed the exit, and took a sharp turn. K.C. fell down from the Center Console and Amy noticed the phone.

Back at the Bishops house, the Bishops are tied up. They were telling the Coopers that they didn't know anything about weapons. Ernie then smashed a hole the wall near them, revealing a secret room. The Bishops pretended they didn't know about the room. Craig gets mad at them, and starts yelling a bit. Kira then takes over. Then Agent Johnson takes over, and threatens them with Amy. Then Kira and Craig told him they didn't have Amy. He then assigned a mission for Ernie to find K.C. and Amy alongside Brady.

Brady and Ernie are sitting in a car. They started discussing various things. After their discussion, Ernie turned the Radio on, and the K.C. Undercover theme song was heard playing again. He then turned it off while criticising it. Then they started going back to their old discussion. They change direction, because the tracker that Brady put on Marisa's car showed that they were going a different way. Then Ernie started singing the song from the Radio again. Then Brady started to sing also.

At Penguin Burger, K.C. and Amy are sitting at a table chatting, while Marisa is ordering their food. K.C. just finished telling Amy the truth about her parents, when Marisa happily comes over to their table with their food.

Back at the Bishops house, the Coopers were still trying to get them to talk. The Bishops tell them that Amy is not their daughter and that she is The Mask. They didn't believe them, but Agent Johnson did.

Back at Penguin Burger, Marisa was now informed about what happened to Amy's parents. K.C. wanted to call her parents, but couldn't find her phone. Marisa and K.C. tries to look for it outside, leaving Amy back at their table. It was then revealed that Amy had K.C.'s phone. While they were out looking, Amy secretly added some powder in their milkshakes, except for hers.

Back in the car with Brady and Ernie they were still discussing. Ernie told Brady how he thought Amy was a good person, until his phone rang, and he was told that she wasn't.

Back at Penguin Burger, K.C. and Marisa come back without K.C.'s phone. They noticed that Amy's mood had changed. She was a bit happier than before. They were about to take a sip from their milkshake, when Brady and Ernie interrupted just before they did. A huge fight started, which included Marisa getting completely dirty from all kinds of food. Despite the numbers, Amy managed to take everyone down, and escape. They decided that Brady and Marisa should go to F.I.T. while Ernie and K.C. look for Amy.

Marisa and Brady were sitting in a car heading to F.I.T. Marisa was sad that her dress was ruined. Brady then helped cheer her up.

K.C. and Ernie were at a beach looking for Amy. K.C. got a call from Kira asking if they had Amy. She then told her that they were working on it. While walking around on the beach, they see a light from a tower, and started to approach it.

Marisa was sitting in a room with Jean from F.I.T. She said that she liked her design submissions, but that her outfit was terrible. Marisa then explained to her why she should get in, and why she was wearing the outfit.

K.C. and Ernie were climbing up the tower where they saw the light. They had a small conversation. While climbing, Amy started to open fire at them.

Brady was sitting in the car singing the K.C. Undercover theme song. Then Marisa got in the car, and told him about what happened, and that she got in to F.I.T. Then they gave each other a hug. They kept hugging. They enterered a small conversation while still hugging. They told each other that they really like each other. Then they stopped hugging.

Back on the beach, K.C. and Ernie were still climbing the tower while Amy was firing at them. They try to avoid the shots, but Ernie mostly held on to K.C.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Michelle Duffy as Jean

Absent Cast


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  • This is the fourth and final part of the "Domino Effect."
  • The K.C. Undercover theme song, Keep it Undercover was heard three times on the Radio in the episode (four, if you count the usual theme song). Usually the characters would sing along to it, even though they mentioned that they didn't like it.
  • Marisa's application to FIT was first mentioned in Twin It to Win It.
  • Brady and Marisa become a couple for real in this episode.
  • The Millers ate at Penguin Burger many times during Marisa's childhood.
  • Amy was thought to be The Mask. It was also revealed she was 26 years old, and not the daughter of Mitch and Danielle.
  • This was the final appearance of Mitch Bishop and Danielle Bishop.
  • This was Judy's twentieth and final absence in the series. She was mentioned by Craig and Kira.
  • This was the final episode where any of the main characters were absent.


Oh, great. So, now, not only did Amy get away, but she didn't charge my phone. Yeah. I'm at 3%. I hate The Mask.
K.C. to Brady


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