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Erica King is an antagonistic character and enemy agent who had been in hiding for several years. She worked for The Other Side with her husband, Richard, and her daughter, Abby, until their eventual capture by the Coopers. She is portrayed by Jasmine Guy.


Season 2

Season 3


She saw you!
—Erica yelling to Abby
Do it, I dare you! I dare you!
—Erica shouting at Richard


  • Erica was the outcast of the family, like Ernie.
  • According to Kira, Erica has anti-social tendencies.
  • According to Abby, she’s the “worst mama” in the world.
  • Erica was married to Richard for ten years, though to her it felt like “a hundred and ten”.
  • Erica has a habit of dousing herself in “toilette water”, as mentioned by Abby.
  • Erica can speak in a Southern accent.
  • Erica describes herself as a non-people-person.


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