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Jolie is a guest character in Season 1 of K.C. Undercover. She was a Russian spy who's mission was to eliminate K.C. and went undercover as Ernie's girlfriend before she revealed it was all fake to complete her mission.

She is portrayed by Bella Thorne.


Jolie is secretly a Russian spy, who pretended to be Ernie's girlfriend so that she can obtain information about the family. She is extremely pretty and appears to be flawless in every category. She was exposed by K.C and then eliminated by her.


Jolie is shown to be a very positive and sweet girl who everybody loves. She becomes more serious and somewhat playful when she is against someone (K.C.).

Character History

Jolie is a Russian Spy, who might be KGB. She "dated" Ernie and used him get close to K.C. and her family and to gather intel on them. K.C. discovered her true identity, stopped her, then had her arrested. K.C wanted to tell Ernie the truth about her, but Marisa made her remember that Ernie would be heartbroken. So, K.C. makes a deal with her; she goes back to Russia and is never to terrorize her family again. As part of the deal, she lies to Ernie and tells him she was offered a job at NASA, to spare his feelings.

Physical Appearance

Jolie has long ginger-red hair, and brown eyes. Despite her petite appearance, she is actually quite powerful and agile, due to her spy training. She is described by K.C. as "perfect".

Other Relationships

Ernie Cooper

Jolie acted as Ernie's girlfriend to get close to his family. Before she returns to Russia, she tells Ernie she was accepted into the NASA program.

K.C. Cooper

Jolie attempted to eliminate K.C. and her family, but K.C. exposed and defeated her. [1] K.C. then had her arrested, but makes a deal with Jolie, who returns to Russia after promising to not trouble her family anymore.


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