Here's to having it all.
K.C. saying the last words of the series.

K.C. Undercover: The Final Chapter is the twenty-fourth and final episode in Season 3 of K.C. Undercover and the seventy-fifth overall. It first aired on February 2, 2018 to 1.16 million viewers.[1]


K.C. struggles to decide if she should continue as a full time spy or live a normal life at college.[2]

Full Plot

K.C. and Ernie have just climbed up the tower. They don't see Amy at first, but then Amy flashed the light from the tower in their eyes, and she jumped off the top down on the platform. A fight between them occurred, ending with Amy hanging off the tower, and falling into the water below, K.C. was holding her, but she fell down. Although Amy's headphones survived, as K.C. had the cable around her hand. Just before falling, Amy told them that she was not The Mask. After she fell down, K.C. was a bit mad, and threw Amy's headphones on the platform in anger. Inside was a USB drive.

K.C. and Ernie are sitting in the car home. They have a small conversation about who's The Mask. They both disagreed on who it is. Ernie also talked about how he thought that K.C. was always talking about herself.

K.C. and Ernie got home. K.C. comes into the backyard where she sees Marisa standing. She told her that she got into F.I.T. They were both excited. Then Marisa revealed that she was back with Brady and K.C. was not a fan of that.

The Cooper Family are all sitting in the living room on the couch. They discussed K.C. and Ernie's recent mission. They also discussed who might be The Mask.

In a park, Agent Johnson is seen eating a sandwich. Behind him, K.C. is sitting on a silver horse statue. With K.C. also wearing silver clothes that matched the horse. K.C. started talking to him for a bit. Then Ernie came over, disguised as a gardener, and started talking to him too. K.C. and Ernie told him the intel on what they discovered. Agent Johnson told them that no one could find out about it. He also told them, that their intel might end the spy war once and for all.

At the Cooper House, the Cooper Family are planning on how to catch all of the enemy spies at once. Kira came up with the idea to invite them all to a VIP celebration of the upcoming basketball playoffs. K.C. ended the conversation by reminding everyone not to mention it to The Organization.

At The Organization Headquarters, Judy knocked on Agent Beverly's door. She asked if Judy was in trouble at school again. She said yes, but that it was not the case this time. She said that they needed to talk about the Coopers.

At a park, Brady and Marisa are having a picnic. Brady badly cut out sandwiches into little hearts. Marisa told him that she had seen a video called "The Trust Test". She wanted to try the test and told him that they would let each other fall, and see if the other person would catch you. Brady caught Marisa, but she let Brady fall. She yelled at him asking him if he was a good guy or not. He told her he was. Marisa told him that she couldn't trust him because he is a spy, and broke up with him.

At the VIP celebration party, the Cooper Family had planned, all of the enemy spies are in the room. The Cooper Family talk a little through their coms (earpiece). Then K.C. walked up on the stage, welcomed them, and then ended the speech with "Surprise, suckers!". Then Craig pressed a button that closed and locked all the doors. Then Ernie pressed a button which made balloons fall from the ceiling. The balloons were full of a gas which made the enemy spies unconscious when exposed to it. The Coopers put on gas masks, and started popping all of the balloons, and the enemy spies were then all sleeping. Then Judy sucked all the gas up so that they could take their gas masks off. K.C. was surprised that it was so easy to take them out. Then Judy said "Uh-oh", and burped out some of the gas she had sucked up, which made K.C. fall to the floor unconsciously.

At The Organization Headquarters, all of the agents are gathered at a party, celebrating that the Coopers ended the spy war. Agent Beverly held a speech, announcing that their would be cutbacks, and that half of the agents would be fired. K.C. noticed that Judy and Agent Beverly were talking privately over in a corner. K.C. said that there could be a chance that The Mask is Agent Beverly. Kira and Craig told her that she should stop overthinking it. That the war is over. Then she told them that she decided to go to College. Right after, the screen monitors in the room turned on, and it appeared to be a person, claiming to be The Mask. He told them that it was a good thing they eliminated the enemy spies, as they were his competition. He also mentioned that he was worse than The Other Side and The Alternate. K.C. was sad, because now she wouldn't be able to go to college, as long as The Mask was there.

Back at the Cooper House, K.C. is sitting on the couch outside, when Marisa walked in. K.C. told her about what happened, and how it is all her own fault. Marisa then told her that she broke up with Brady. Marisa then started to talk about her future. K.C. got surprised, when she realized that she doesn't even know her future. She told Marisa it was like they switched places. Marisa tried to cheer her up, but it didn't work, as she just repeated lines that K.C. had told her.

In the Cooper House, Judy was standing in the kitchen, while on the phone with Agent Beverly when K.C. was walking down the stairs. They started feuding a bit. Then their parents entered the room, and asked what was going on. K.C. told Judy that she had to tell their parents what they were discussing on the phone. She then told them that she was talking about a transfer, because she wanted to leave the family.

At Hamilton High School, Brady walked up to Marisa and told her that he was quitting as a spy, because he wanted to be with her. He then told her that she was the best thing that has ever happened to him. The agree to talk later. Marisa gets so happy, that she hugged a random person on the hallway, and sang on her way out too.

At The Organization Headquarters, Judy walked into Agent Johnson's office, as he wanted to see her. He told her that he had some good news, and said that her request to be transferred had been granted. He told her that he was going to miss her, and they hugged. Then he plugged a USB drive into her, which rebooted her, and programmed her to eliminate the Coopers. While all that happened, Brady was eavesdropping at the door. Agent Johnson told her that she now worked for The Mask, but to keep calling him "Agent Johnson". Brady tried to call K.C. but she didn't pick up, and it send him to voicemail. He tried telling her that they had to watch their backs, and then he was interrupted when Agent Johnson shot his phone out of his hand. Judy then walked out of Agent Johnson's office, and used her laser finger to make the wall of screen monitors behind fall onto him.

At the Cooper House, K.C. appeared to have been just taking a shower. She picked up her phone, and listened to the voicemail which Brady had sent. Then Judy arrived home, and told her she changed her mind, and didn't want to be transferred.

In the Cooper House, the Cooper Family are all sitting in the couch watching TV, except for Judy, who is standing behind them, and trying to figure out a way to take them all out. Just when she was about to take action, the door bell rang, and Judy had to get it. It was Agent Johnson who told them that Brady was in the hospital, and that he was The Mask. While they were all celebrating it, Judy and Agent Johnson sneaked out in the backyard. He reminded her that her job wasn't done yet.

At Hamilton High School, Marisa are showing K.C. her graduation outfit. Then K.C. told her that she decided to leave The Organization and go to Stanford. She also told her that Brady was The Mask. Marisa did not believe it and decided to go to the hospital and talk to him.

At the Cooper House, Judy is sitting in the couch. Kira and Craig was on their way to pick up K.C.'s graduation gift. Then it was revealed that Judy had sabotaged their car, and removed the brakes. Luckily, they couldn't find their car keys. So they used an app, which provided them with a free car ride.

At the Hospital, Marisa is sitting next to Brady. She told him that she didn't care if he was The Mask, and that she would never leave his side. Suddenly he woke up. He was unable to talk and move his body except for his eyes. He was blinking a lot, to try and talk to Marisa by blinking the alphabet.

At the Cooper House, K.C. was practicing her speech, when Judy suddenly appeared from the kitchen and started to attack her while she said it was for The Mask. They fought, and then she held K.C. up in the air using her fingers. Then Ernie came in and took her head off.

Back at the Hospital, Marisa is trying to figure out what Brady is trying to say. She accidentally sneezed and they had to start over.

Back at the Cooper House, Ernie rebooted Judy and removed the virus. Judy was back to normal, but didn't remember that she attacked K.C.. She then told them why she wanted to be transferred. It was because she was starting to experience feelings. And she didn't like it, since robots aren't supposed to have feelings. But she also said she loved them, and that she loved them. Marisa walked in the door and revealed that it was Agent Johnson who was The Mask.

At the Hospital, Agent Johnson walks in the door. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at the hospital bed, but K.C. jumped out and they starting fighting. Then the rest of the Coopers stepped out from their hiding spot, and later Agent Beverly after he just confessed when she wasn't there. Two of the agents that was in the room were on Agent Johnson's side, and when the others left, they took his handcuffs off, and left the hospital.

At the Graduation, Byron is holding his speech. The Cooper Family is sitting in the crowd, except for K.C. who walked up right after Byron. She reads her script that she had written, when suddenly Agent Johnson walked into the room along with his agents. Judy tried to stop him but failed, and was locked out. When Agent Johnson tried to shoot at K.C., she took her microphone, and the threw it at the speakers, which made a loud noise. Then she grabbed the banner which was shot in half, and swung across the room right into Agent Johnson. Then they fought and Agent Johnson lost. K.C. tried to continue her graduation speech. But she couldn't read the script, so she threw it away. She talked about how she had been living a double life, and that she was a spy. In her speech, she mentioned that she both wanted to be a spy and go to college. Then they had to memory spray the room.

At the Cooper House, Marisa and K.C. are chatting. Marisa told her that she had written something in her yearbook. She then showed it to her. It was only one sentence. She told her that she couldn't write more, because she didn't want it to end. She wanted it to be filled with their future. Marisa's mom's car is heard honking, meaning she had to go. They gave each other a hug, and then one more. And then they couldn't let go.

K.C. walked back into the house. She had a small chat with her parents. She gave her Craig a big hug. Then he whispered something into her ear, grabbed a bag, and walked out. Kira almost started crying too. She told her that she had to promise her not to spend all her time reading books, but also to have fun. Judy and Kira walked out. Then Ernie came down the stairs. Him and K.C. chatted. Then they gave each other a big hug. K.C. said that he was a great agent, but an even better brother. Then they said "Love you" to each other, and Ernie walked out. Then K.C. picked up her bag, and her spy bracelet. Then she said the show's final words, turned off the lights, and left the house.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Vonzell Carter as Agent 1
  • Bryan Cartago as Agent 2


  • This was the last episode of Season 3 and the series.
  • This was a one-hour episode.
  • The working title for part 1 was The Beginning of the End, and the working title for part 2 was Final Mission.
  • K.C. decided to both be a spy and go to college.
  • It was revealed that K.C. was accepted to Stanford. Another Disney show where someone went to Stanford was Hannah Montana.
  • Marisa and Brady started dating in Domino 4: The Mask and in this episode they broke up and got back together again.
  • K.C. said the show's last words.
  • A running gag in this episode was that Ernie seemed to think that everything K.C. said had to be about herself.
  • It is unknown if Amy survived the fall from the tower.
  • Agent Beverly made her third and last appearance in Season 3 as well as her last appearance in the series.
  • This was also the last appearance of the Cooper Family, and Agent Johnson in the series as well as Amy Bishop, Brady, Byron, and Reid.
  • This was the second and final time that K.C. fought Agent Johnson, with the first being in Family Feud.
  • It is unknown what K.C. promised her dad.
  • Ernie said his last "What is going on?!" line of the series.
  • As in the series premiere, K.C. wore her jacket around her waist in the series finale for the last time.
  • Zendaya's real life parents made a cameo at the graduation.

Memorable Quotes

As usual, it's all about you. You think K.C. is the sun, and the rest of us are just planets revolving around you. Well, I've got news for you. I am not Mars. I am not Saturn. I am not Uranus.
Ernie to K.C.
I can't believe it! You went all the way to the Jersey Shore and didn't bring back saltwater taffy?
Craig to K.C. and Ernie
What crawled up her USB port and died?
Craig about Judy
I can't believe I'm about to say this, but Operation: K.C.'s Final Mission is a go.
Wow. Now I feel really bad about ripping your head off.
Ernie to Judy

Ernie What... is goin' on?
Craig Why was Judy attacking you?

Kira Yeah, I mean, your speech isn't great, but it's not that bad.


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