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This wiki has a set of article/editing policies that must be followed all around the K.C. Undercover Wiki for all the users.

Article/Editing Policies

  1. Do not remove content from pages and/or replacing it with something completely useless and irrelevant to the wiki.
  2. Do not remove punctuation signs and adding them again, this falls under the category of an unnecessary edit.
  3. Do not rename pages into something useless and/or irrelevant to the wiki, or we will have to take some severe actions.
  4. Do not add/create unnecessary categories.
  5. Do not change the pictures of infoboxes.
  6. Do not add extra words to sentences, unless they are really necessary.
  7. Do not add pointless information on pages.
  8. Do not change the words in a sentence, unless the words are not correct or if there are spelling mistakes.
  9. Do not mess up with pages.
  10. Do not create irrelevant pages that can hurt/offend others.
  11. Do not make unnecessary edits to the wiki just to earn badges or edits, this is not tolerated on the wiki.

We expect you to follow these rules, if not, we will have to take some severe actions. In case you have any questions or need some help with these policies, feel free to contact an administrator.