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K.C. and Marisa is the friendship pairing of K.C. Cooper and Marisa Miller.

Other names

  • Karisa (K/.C. and M/arisa)                                                                                       
  • M.C. (M/arisa and K/.C.)               



Season 1


  • Marisa tries to convince K.C. to hack into the school system and move all the cute boys to her classes.
  • Marisa tries to get K.C. to let loose and go to the school dance.
  • When K.C. decides to go to the school dance, Marisa is at her house right away to help her with dresses.
  • Marisa walks in on Lincoln holding K.C. captive but thinks they are hooking up instead.

My Sister from Another Mother... Board

  • Marisa tell K.C. she's working for the school newspaper, and to keep it a secret.
  • Marisa suggests that K.C. is a spy.
  • They sit together and talk at K.C.'s house. K.C. studies while Marisa paints her nails.

Give Me A “K”! Give Me A “C”!

  • Marisa gives K.C. a present.
  • Marisa asks K.C. to try out for cheerleading with her.
  • They audition for the cheerleading squad.
  • Marisa complains to K.C. that she's been too busy recently.
  • K.C. accidentally kicks Marisa.
  • Marisa wants to quit cheerleading, but K.C. convinces her to keep going.
  • Marisa calls K.C. because she didn't turn up for cheerleading.
  • Marisa is mad at K.C., who apologizes.
  • K.C. gives Marisa a present, friendship coupons.
  • They hug and make up.

Off the Grid

  • Marisa visits K.C.'s house and tries to convince her to throw a party.
  • K.C. kicks Marisa out of her house.

Photo Bombed

  • Marisa enters a photography contest using a photo of K.C.
  • They 'happy dance' in the corridor at school.
  • K.C. tries to ruin Marisa's contest photo.
  • K.C. breaks into Marisa's bedroom.
  • Marisa confronts K.C. for breaking into her bedroom.
  • Marisa gets mad at K.C., then breaks off their friendship.
  • Marisa goes to a restaurant that K.C. is working at undercover.
  • Marisa talks to the chef (K.C.) about fighting with her best friend.
  • Marisa finds out that K.C. is a spy.
  • K.C. tells Marisa the truth about her family being spies.
  • They tell each other they'll both love each other no matter what.
  • K.C. pretends to wipe Marisa's memory, so her parents think she did, by switching the memory spray with perfume.

How K.C. Got Her Swag Back

  • K.C. plays basketball while Marisa sits on the side of the court.
  • Marisa calls K.C. "honey".
  • They eat lunch together.
  • Marisa tries to give K.C. advice on how to get her confidence back.
  • Marisa cheered K.C. on while she practiced basketball.
  • K.C. does an impression of Marisa.
  • Marisa tries to boost K.C.'s confidence by volunteering her in class for a speech.
  • Marisa texts K.C. to play basketball.
  • They hug after K.C. wins the basketball game.
  • K.C. thanks Marisa for helping her gain back her confidence.

Daddy's Little Princess

  • Marisa asks K.C. about Prince Promomomo.
  • Marisa tricks K.C. into admitting she has a crush on the Prince.
  • They gossip about the Prince.

Assignment: Get That Assignment!

  • K.C. gets mad at Marisa for writing an assignment about her mission.
  • They break into the teacher's (Mr. Forman) classroom to retrieve the assignment.
  • They laugh at Mr. Forman's flyer for his magic show.
  • They both flick their hair.
  • They try to call Mr. Forman.
  • They hide in Mr. Forman's "mystery box" together and start to argue.
  • They make up and escape from the box after Mr. Forman opens it.
  • They sit on a sofa and K.C. shows Marisa her new gadget.

Spy-anoia Will Destroy Ya


Double Crossed Part 1

  • They ride the bus to school together and talked on the phone for four hours the previous night.
  • Marisa is surprised when K.C. introduces Brett as her boyfriend.
  • Marisa asks K.C. for her math homework but leaves before she can get it.
  • Marisa tries to avoid K.C. When she is confronted Marisa reveals to K.C. that Brett made a move on her, which leads to K.C. telling Marisa their relationship is fake.
  • K.C. tells Marisa to go for Brett once the mission ends.
  • K.C. runs into Marisa and Brett on a date.
  • Marisa sarcastically thanks K.C. for getting her and Brett a dating calendar.
  • K.C. shows Marisa and Brett a dating scrapbook she is putting together.
  • Marisa asks K.C. to join them, but K.C. declines and leaves.
  • K.C. gets mad at Marisa for not following their dating calendar.
  • Marisa jokes about K.C. liking Brett more than she does.
  • K.C. tells Marisa how happy she is that Brett and Marisa are dating.
  • Marisa tells she wants to break up with Brett but didn't want to disappoint K.C. because of her support for them.
  • Marisa reveals she knows K.C. likes Brett and asks K.C. to break up with Brett for her.

Double Crossed Part 2

  • Marisa approaches K.C. and Brett at school.
  • Marisa jokes about K.C.'s parents spying on K.C. all the time.
  • They go to have froyo together.
  • K.C. confides in Marisa about going to the concert with Brett.
  • Marisa praises K.C. for finally becoming a rebellious teenager like herself.
  • Marisa covers for K.C. while she goes to the concert, but turns up at her house forgetting she isn't there.

Double Crossed Part 3

  • Marisa tries to convince K.C. (the fake K.C.) to go to a party with her, only to be taken aback by how fast she accepts.
  • Marisa becomes suspicious of the fake K.C. and tells Ernie and Kira, but they don't believe her.
  • Marisa asks the fake K.C. about her mission, who is shocked she knows she's a spy. This confirms her suspicion and the fake K.C. knocks her out.
  • Marisa is kidnapped and reunited with the real K.C.
  • K.C. breaks them free using a lipstick weapon Marisa took from K.C.'s room.
  • Marisa tells K.C. she is happy that the real her is back and then tries to convince her to attend a party.

Stakeout Takeout

  • Marisa video chats K.C. from Miami, telling her she misses K.C.
  • Marisa and K.C. video chat so K.C. can relax with Marisa.
  • They check out cute boys on the beach.
  • Marisa introduces K.C. to Paul and Stanley, whom she met on the beach.
  • K.C. gets a ride in a helicopter to see Marisa.

The Neighborhood Watchdogs

  • Marisa turns up to the neighborhood watch meeting at K.C.'s house.
  • Marisa tries to tell K.C. that her dad is behind her during their secret watchdog meeting.
  • Marisa joins K.C.'s watchdog group.
  • K.C. judges Marisa for ordering pizza during a stakeout.

First Friend

  • K.C. meets up with Marisa and tells her about her mission.
  • Marisa asks K.C. if she can accompany her on her mission, but she declines.
  • Marisa crashes K.C.'s mission and becomes friends with Eliza.
  • K.C. explains to Marisa who Eliza is.
  • K.C. tries to get Marisa to leave Eliza alone.
  • K.C. calls Marisa and to locate Eliza.
  • They show up at a pre-game that Eliza is at, but Marisa leaves for another party.

Season 2


Season 3

Web of Lies

Teen Drama

K.C. Under Construction

Keep on Truckin'

  • It is unknown if K.C. is now friends or trusts Marisa because she now knows Brady is an enemy agent and probably knows that Marisa is working for him
  • Marisa has no clue the scratch Brady got was from K.C.
  • Marisa felt K.C. knew something and Marisa wonders what's going on.

Unmasking the Enemy

The Truth Will Set You Free

Stormy Weather


Similarities and Differences



  • With their hair color, K.C. is dark brown and Marisa is blonde.
  • With their eye color, K.C. has brown and Marisa has blue.
  • K.C. is an undercover spy, and Marisa is not.
  • K.C. does very well in school, while Marisa does not.
  • Marisa is very flirtatious and boy crazy while K.C. is very awkward around guys.
  • Marisa loves partying while K.C. does not.



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