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Accounting ain't our only job. We're also spies.
—Kira to K.C. in Pilot

Kira Alice King-Cooper is a main character in K.C. Undercover. She is a secret spy from The Organization and is K.C. and Ernie's mother. She is also the mother of Judy and wife of Craig.


Kira Cooper is a veteran spy and is teaching her daughter K.C. how to become a spy, along with her husband, Craig.


Kira is tough but loveable.[1] Kira is often the voice of reason for K.C. She tends to get suspicious of anyone as proven, when she met Brett and believed that Brett was up to something. Also, when she first met her niece Abby, she believed that she was manipulating the Cooper family and that she was an agent from the Other Side, just like her mother and Kira's sister, Erica. To which, later on, Abby showed her true nature and intentions to K.C. and her, proving that Kira was right.

Character History

In "Pilot," Kira, along with her husband Craig, has her daughter K.C. tested to see if she is qualified to become a spy or not. Kira and Craig have K.C. captured by a spy who's working with them and then driven to an abandoned location. Once K.C. escapes, Kira and Craig decide she is well fit to become a spy and they explain to her their secret spy history. They then send her on her first mission to retrieve a cell phone with a dangerous virus that can create worldwide havoc. But, after K.C. embarrassingly fails to ask the enemy teen spy to go to the school dance so she can get closer to him, K.C. no longer wants to be a spy out of embarrassment that she can't even ask a cute guy out. Kira and Craig have a talk with K.C. and express their disappointment in her because she's quitting. This, however, makes K.C. feel guilty so she decides to try the mission again. After she succeeds, with the help of Ernie, Kira and Craig are very proud of her.

In "My Sister from Another Mother... Board" K.C. begs Kira and Craig to let Ernie be a part of the team, and they consider it. But instead of letting Ernie on, they let Judy on, a robot. When Kira and Craig find out that K.C. went on a mission with Ernie, they are extremely disappointed. They then are with the rest of the family when K.C. gets interrogated but they make the wrong right by capturing the villain and getting the artifact back.


Master hand-to-hand combatant - Kira was a highly trained spy and was even able to fight on par with Craig Cooper and was able to fight against K.C., although they were both holding back at the time, and was able to defeat Erica King.


K.C. Cooper

K.C. is Kira and Craig's oldest daughter.

Craig Cooper

Craig is Kira's childish and very cheap husband.

Ernie Cooper

Ernie is Kira and Craig's nerdy teenage son.

Judy Cooper

Judy is Kira and Craig's robotic daughter.


  • Kira blames Craig for every mission when something goes wrong.
  • It's revealed in the episode, "Off the Grid" that it's Kira's side of the family that are spies.
  • Kira is very good at cheerleading, even though she was never a cheerleader. However, she did disguise herself as a cheerleader for a mission in "First Friend".
  • Zane and Craig were both in love with Kira, but she chose Craig, thus causing a jealous Zane to turn evil.
  • In "First Friend", Kira claims George Clooney was in love with her when she protected him for a mission.
  • Her mother and her grandmother were crowned Miss Debutante.
  • Her favorite color is purple.
  • In Season 2, it's revealed that Kira has a sister named Erica and a niece named Abby.
  • In the "Pilot", it's been revealed that Kira has been married twice, Craig being her second husband.
  • In "Brainwashed", Kira states that she is Agent 8780223.


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