It's a very, juicy role.
—Regina to Kira and Craig Cooper in Off the Grid

Regina Honey is a recurring character in K.C. Undercover. She kidnapped and held Kira and Craig hostage, then later plans to auction of her new heat, solid melting laser; and use Craig and Kira as live test targets for the laser to show possible criminal buyers, thus killing the Cooper parents.

She is portrayed by Diane Delano.


Kira and Craig infiltrate Regina's lair to retrieve one of her new weapons that melts solid objects. Regina captures them and holds them captive till they are rescued by the rest of the Cooper family.

Character History

It appears she has previously faced Grandma Gayle and Othello Pops, possibly when they were still spies.


She has short blonde hair, blue eyes and appears to be in her 50's. She is seen wearing a dark blue sparkly dress and a lot of diamond jewelry.

In the episode Take Me Out, she wore a jean jacket and a red-purpleish shirt with yellow pants. Her hair is now long and wavy.


She is rude, grumpy, mean and seems to have a disregard for human life. After Regina got out of prison and kidnapped K.C., she was still the same person as before but she warmed up to K.C. when she talked about Darien.


  • She always keeps a gas mask near her when villains are present.
  • She lived under a rock in 2007.
  • She returned in Take Me Out.
  • She has also done illegal things that made her rich.


I hate peanut butter and jelly!
—Regina to K.C. in Take Me Out


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