Richard Martin was the head of the Other Side and the main antagonist of the series. After he got captured by The Organization, Zane Willis became the head of the Other Side but Zane eventually got thrown in The Organization's Prison.


He is evil, sinister, secretive and has a soft spot for his daughter, Abby Martin. He is argumentative as shown in the limo ride with his wife. He is moody since one minute Richard and Erica were fighting and later on they were kissing. He also appears to have a strong disregard for people since he wanted to shoot the president with a dart and he banished his wife fifteen years ago. He also has been shown to lie. As he was a former scientist and is now an agent, he appears to be intelligent, cunning and wise.


His hair is predominantly gray with some remaining black. He has brown eyes. He is tall and has brown skin. He has a deep voice and is muscular and broad. He has a beard and hair on his upper lip.

Other Information

He was the head of the Other Side and the show's main antagonist and villain. He banished his wife, Erica fifteen years ago, but later sent for her because he needed her hypnotic skills to carry out an evil mission at the presidential election party. The plan was that Richard shoot and terminate the elected president. The reason being is that Erica would hypnotize the Vice President therefore he would be the acting president under hypnotic control. Their mission was planned by Richard. However, the Coopers managed to thwart their plans. The Coopers thought Abby and Erica were dead after exploding their boat that same night. However, Richard, Abby and Erica returned for the season 2 finale. Since he was the head of the Other Side he has been ultimately responsible for all of their evil doings, which many of K.C.'s mission involved. These include building a dangerous missile, creating dangerous serums, assassinating people, kidnapping, recruiting, and attempting to take down The Organization. He had eluded The Organization as no one knew who the head of the Other Side was until the election night party. Now, The Organization had photos of him was he is very wanted. In the episode, "Family Feud" he was caught along with Abby and Erica and taken to prison. He is no longer the head of the Other Side.


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