He is described as dangerous, life threatening, and "out for blood".
—K.C. Cooper

Jack "Jackal" was an enemy of the Cooper Family and appeared in the Season 2 premiere, Coopers Reactivated! In the episode, Jackal vowed to get revenge on the Coopers for locking him up in prison. He was defeated by K.C. Cooper with the help of Judy Cooper and he fell to his death. He is portrayed by stuntman/actor, James Logan.

Physical appearence

He is short, mostly bald, tough, and quite ugly. He is white and is seen in torn or filthy clothing.


He is a ruthless killer and is very mean. Also, he is very loud. He escaped from prison, so his personality is similar to a prison escapee.


  • Though other people have died on K.C. Undercover, this is the first time we are certain this person is dead.
  • He is a skillful fighter, laser shooter, stuntman and climber.


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