Zoe is a recurring character who appeared in Season 3.

She is portrayed by Haley Tju.

Character History

In "Coopers on the Run". Ernie is playing a game on his phone called, Scavenger Extreme. When his object is to take a picture of a man with hairy ears, he finds one and takes a selfie with him not knowing. Not long after, Zoe comes over, and takes a picture of him too. Later when K.C. took Ernie away from Zoe, she then she called her superiors. Later she steps in through the Coopers window at their safehouse, and knocked Sheena out. She then revealed she was with The Organization.

In "Welcome to the Jungle". When K.C. gets bitten by a Brazilian Spider that makes her paralyzed from her neck and down, Zoe tried to make an antidote for her. Later, when Ernie and Zoe comes back from a walk, they see K.C. is sitting up, and revealed she faked it. Zoe and K.C. becomes friends after. When the Coopers and Zoe made it to the extraction point, Ernie and Zoe were saying goodbye. They almost kissed, but Sheena ruined the moment.

In "Web of Lies". Ernie answered someone knocking one the front door which appeared to be Zoe. She told him she got assigned a mission to take down some smugglers operating out of a warehouse, and that she got to pick a partner, and then asked Ernie. When he said yes, she then said, "It's a date.". On their mission, Ernie stayed behind in the van while guiding Zoe. When she's in the warehouse, she was quickly compromised which forced Ernie to go save her. While Ernie fought with the enemy agent in the warehouse, Zoe was cheering while tied up in a chair. Ernie then won the fight, and untied Zoe. After, he asked Zoe if she wanted to be his girlfriend. After Zoe replied "I'd love to be your girlfriend", she then said she had been assigned a mission in Antarctica for the next four years. When Zoe asked if he would wait for him he agreed to wait, and picked up a stuffed animal with a sign saying "I Love You" and gave it to her.


Season 3



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